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IS ROMANCE DEAD? I recently read a blog about how today’s teens killed romance. I’d like to see a pro and con opinion piece where students take both sides of the argument. I’d actually like to see more pro/con pieces included in each issue.
Sources: Popular movies/music; recent research on teens, technology, and communication, articles (

DEALING WITH LOSS OF PETS. Many students have had the pets with them since childhood and have to deal with the death of something precious to them for the first time.
Sources: Students who have dealt with this – A grief counselor – an animal expert (about what animals can bring to our lives), Teachers who have stories to tell about the topic – Parents (what do they say to the students?)

PICKETERS OUTSIDE PETLAND on the corner near the school, protesting against buying a pet. Signs read “Adopt Not Buy.” What are the benefits and disadvantages to adopting vs. buying a pet ?
Sources: Picketers, Petland, pet lover students, pet adoption service, animal shelter, vet

MULTI-GENERATIONAL HOUSEHOLDS. We often hear about the pressures and responsibilities of the “middles,” but what about the younger generation. Considering the responsibilities of children of working parents, do their duties double when another generation is added to the household? Do they feel ignored or left out of various aspects of family life?
Sources: Parents, children, grandparents and counselors and family therapists

STUDENTS WITH SAME-SEX PARENTS. A recent article on SF Gate revealed that kids with same-sex parents may be better off than kids from traditional families. The angle: interview students who come from same-sex parent households, review the research findings, and, ultimately, give these kids a voice. Multimedia: video, pics
Sources: The article:, students with same-sex parents and the parents themselves, gay/lesbian staff members on campus or in the district, and who have kids