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Putting it all to use

by Kelly Sparks

I returned from the week long ASNE workshop with renewed energy and ready to get the school year started.  I am so excited to show my students my completed work and recite the 1st Amendment for them without flaws unlike my ASNE recitation. Funny how a group of people who are your age, some younger and some older, are enough to make you forgetful and anxious.

I thoroughly enjoyed working my maestro group, interviewing barbers, and learning so many things to teach my students.  I have already begun to teach them and I think they are a bit overwhelmed and lost from my spillage of all that I want to tell them in a matter of less than five minutes.  I am sure their heads are spinning…”wait a minute Sparks, ” we are trying to catch up.

After sharing our projects with them they are beginning to see exactly what I was talking about with how much we can actually do with our online newspaper.  They are now inspired to try Thinglink, Piktocharts, and even utilize their phones a little more with journalism and not just connecting with friends.

This is exactly what I wanted to learn from ASNE and I couldn’t have asked for better instructors and/or new friends in which to learn it.  Thank you all and the best of luck in your new self as a journalism educator.

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