Kristen Hamilton

UnCommon Barber Offers Fresh Perspective, Looks

UnCommon Barber Offers Fresh Perspective, Looks

by Kristen Hamilton From afar, Ed Bankston looks like he’s all business. He moves with a slow and deliberate precision that suggests an air of confidence. Bankston’s hands are gloved like that of a surgeon in the operating room, which is fitting given his tag name on his business card, which declares him “The UnCommon […]

My Fear of the April Fool’s Issue

by Kristen Hamilton This past September I began teaching at a new high school and was asked to take over the newspaper. In my last position, I had vehemently refused to publish anything that looked even remotely close to an April Fool’s issue, much to the chagrin of my students who argued it would be […]

Finding my voice as an adviser, teacher, and now blogger

Last year, I received what I consider to be my greatest honor: the graduating class of seniors dedicated their yearbook to me. It wasn’t so much that I was “chosen” or even that I got a free copy of the yearbook as a gift, but rather what they said within the dedication that meant the […]