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Putting it all to use

by Kelly Sparks I returned from the week long ASNE workshop with renewed energy and ready to get the school year started.  I am so excited to show my students my completed work and recite the 1st Amendment for them without flaws unlike my ASNE recitation. Funny how a group of people who are your […]

Folks flock to traditional poultry farming

Folks flock to traditional poultry farming

by Stephanie Weiss Regardless of where one stands on the age-old argument of which came first, chicken and egg consumption in the United States has evolved during the last century from small backyard extensions of family farms to large agribusinesses that together produced 8 billion eggs during May 2015 according to the American Egg Board. […]

Small Farmers Question Role in Organic Food Chain

by Lina Mai When Meredith Poczontek spotted squash beetles on the tomato plants on her 14-acre farm in Hudson, Ohio, she used Monterey Garden Insect Spray, an approved organic insecticide. Poczontek, who founded Gray Fox Farm six years ago, spreads manure instead of chemical fertilizer and pulls weeds by hand as an alternative to using herbicide. […]

Pegasus Farm Is a Model of Inspiration

Sometimes you walk into a place and just feel better, for reasons you might not understand right away. This was my experience as part of a maestro team covering a local farm that offers therapeutic riding. The scenery on approach is bucolic and pastoral, but it is when you enter the main barn at Pegasus […]

‘I am the mother of 800′

Local farmer leaves corporate world, discovers love of livestock by Greg Anderson If You Go: Breakneck Acres 2743 Summit Road, Ravenna, Ohio Open on Wednesdays, 1 – 7 p.m. Owners: Ami Gignac and Tim Fox http://www.localfoodmarketplace.com/breakneck/index.html Breakneck Acres is a 35-acre self-sustainable farm in Ravenna, Ohio owned by Ami Gignac and Tim Fox. After four years […]

Starting Small, Staying Small

Kent area growers juggle the benefits, bureaucracy and business of small-scale farming by Jacob Savishinsky SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE: Meredith Poczontek of Gray Fox Farm talks about the Kent area small farming community. Poczontek says she enjoys learning from and bartering with other area farmers.  As interest in local, seasonal, natural, organic and healthier food grows into […]

Serenity, structure, success: Pegasus Farm’s mission expands

by Laura Harrawood Meadowlarks, horse barns and the green serenity of lush pastures conceal the orchestrated structure that supports the exponential growth and financial success of Pegasus Farm in Hartville, Ohio. The therapeutic riding program at this farm was one of the first of 15 facilities in Ohio to be certified as a premiere accredited […]

Stories serve to connect people, vision

By Sandra Coyer Silence permeates the dirt road leading to the main building of Pegasus Farm. Construction equipment sits off to the left of the main gate, motionless. Several of the construction workers pause in their excavation of part of a pasture to eat a lunch of soda and pizza. The pasture they are working […]

Ohio wine merchants welcome new and experienced tasters

by Susan Gray Cathy Ironmonger sits alone on the deck at The Winery at Wolf Creek. Below her a green hill dotted with picnic tables sweeps down to a lake as gray as the overcast sky. On her table rest a book, a snack and a glass of Rhapsody, a semisweet wine made from the […]

#CharlestonStrong, #TakeItDown: Local news and social media

By Leslie Dennis When Governor Nikki Haley took office four years ago, she pushed for employees of government offices to answer the phone with the phrase, “It’s a great day in South Carolina.” My friends and I always found this problematic because 1: the phrase should not be said at some government agencies (victim services?  […]