Story Ideas – 2014

School — Curricular

PHONES IN THE CLASSROOM. My school does not have an official phone policy so every room is different and students have to navigate those inconsistencies. I would like to hear their ideas on the role a phone should play, what policies work best, and maybe, some common problems they face throughout the day. Sources: Administrators […]

School — Extra-curricular

MOST COMMON SPORTS INJURIES. Research the top 5 sports injuries in high schools throughout the U.S. How does your school compare? You could interview the sports coaches, the athletes and the school nurse. Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Sports medicine doctor. Athletic trainer. ENFORCEMENT OF SPORTS ELIGIBILITY RULES. How good grades play […]

School — Misc.

STUDENT WORK LOADS. What happens to students who work at least 40 hours a week, concurrent enrollment in college, straight A honor roll? Why do they do it? What an they gain – or lose – from it? Sources: students, parents or parent, siblings, college professor, boss, teachers CELL PHONE CRIME ON SITE. an article […]


HOW TEENS COMMUNICATE. How has technology changed how teens communicate with each other, to adults, to family (text, Snapchat, Facebook, calling, face-to-face verbal communication, other). Graphs would go well with this story. What are the pros/cons of each of these? How has this changed personal interactions & relationships for better or worse? Sources: teenagers, parents, […]

Recreation & Entertainment

STUDENT BAND RECORDING ALBUM. A feature story documenting the process of a prominent student rock band or musical act recording an album at a local music studio. Three possible angles (or even a package that has all three): 1) a profile of the band, 2) a preview of what one might expect to hear upon […]

Community & the World Around Us

IMMIGRATION. Central American Immigrants/Migrants coming into San Diego from Texas.  This is going on right now so may not be timely when we print first paper in September—but if this policy lasts this could be an interesting news item. Videography of attitudes toward immigration, visit to one of the shelters taking in refugees, excerpts from […]

Family & Friends

IS ROMANCE DEAD? I recently read a blog about how today’s teens killed romance. I’d like to see a pro and con opinion piece where students take both sides of the argument. I’d actually like to see more pro/con pieces included in each issue. Sources: Popular movies/music; recent research on teens, technology, and communication, articles […]