Folks flock to traditional poultry farming

Folks flock to traditional poultry farming

by Stephanie Weiss Regardless of where one stands on the age-old argument of which came first, chicken and egg consumption in the United States has evolved during the last century from small backyard extensions of family farms to large agribusinesses that together produced 8 billion eggs during May 2015 according to the American Egg Board. […]

Pegasus Farm Is a Model of Inspiration

Sometimes you walk into a place and just feel better, for reasons you might not understand right away. This was my experience as part of a maestro team covering a local farm that offers therapeutic riding. The scenery on approach is bucolic and pastoral, but it is when you enter the main barn at Pegasus […]

Local Organic Producers, Consumers Agree on Value

Small Farms Focus on Future of Land and Customers by Kristi Calvery After spending time as an environmental consultant on the west coast, in 2007 Scott Grimm moved back to his roots when he bought a small organic farm in Hiram, Ohio. Grimm said he felt it was his legacy to buy a small farm. […]

Grimm’s Berry Tales

A farmer comes back to Ohio to further the local organic food movement   by Christina Mitro For the past 33 years, New Leaf Farm, a sprawling 70-acre plot, has seen both till and hoe, but not a drop of pesticide has touched its fertile land. “It’s been an organic farm since 1982,” said farmer […]

Rains Wreak Havoc on Organic Farms

Saturated soil, aggressive weeds wage war on crops by Jason Wawrzeniak Even at one of the few mild inclines on his largely flat organic farmland, a summer of heavy rains in Northeast Ohio has forced Scott Grimm to pull his tomato plants nearly 75 feet back from the slope’s toe because of soil saturation. Grimm, […]

Pick Your Own Dinner Tonight

Local Organic Farm Encourages Customers to Connect with Land through ‘U-Pick’ by Tracy Brogelman Chris McCreight stopped at New Leaf Farms, the organic farm down the road from his house, on July 19 for one purpose—to replenish his family’s stock of organic blueberries. He chatted with farm owner Scott Grimm, picked up one quart of the […]

Wings program takes Pegasus to new heights

By TJ VanDyke For some there are few options available. High school graduation typically means a choice of college, military or the workforce, but to graduate from high school with few choices for their future is a reality for a select group. At least it used to be. In the past, developmentally challenged individuals in […]

Serenity, structure, success: Pegasus Farm’s mission expands

by Laura Harrawood Meadowlarks, horse barns and the green serenity of lush pastures conceal the orchestrated structure that supports the exponential growth and financial success of Pegasus Farm in Hartville, Ohio. The therapeutic riding program at this farm was one of the first of 15 facilities in Ohio to be certified as a premiere accredited […]

Stories serve to connect people, vision

By Sandra Coyer Silence permeates the dirt road leading to the main building of Pegasus Farm. Construction equipment sits off to the left of the main gate, motionless. Several of the construction workers pause in their excavation of part of a pasture to eat a lunch of soda and pizza. The pasture they are working […]

Trying to get on the same page with students & social media

By Peter Laub I recently showed my students how the Washington Post was using Snapchat as a tool in their journalism toolbox. We looked at a few samples of their most recent content. Three freshmen got really excited, immediately broke out their phones, and were quickly doing and saying things I didn’t understand. They immediately […]