New Leaf Farm

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Scott Grimm, owner and operator of New Leaf Farm, in Hiram, Ohio, pauses amongst the crops to think about his legacy.Grimm considers the farm to be his calling and educates others of the benefits of eating local, organic food. (photo by Christina Mitro)

Grimm’s Berry Tales: A farmer comes back to Ohio to further the local organic food movement

by Christina Mitro


FarmCustomer Chris McCreight stops in to New Leaf Farm for a container of blueberries and to talk to farm owner Scott Grimm. Grimm said he relies on building customer relationships and word of mouth to market his local produce. (photo by Christina Mitro)ers, Consumers Agree on Local Value

by Kristi Calvery


Pick Your Own Dinner Tonight

by Tracy Brogelman



Stakes show where New Leaf Farm owner Scott Grimm placed his tomato plants after pulling them back nearly 75 feet from the heavily-saturated soil of the lower end of the slope. (photo by Jason Wawrzeniak)

Record Rains Wreak Havoc on Organic Farms

by Jason Wawrzeniak






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Christina Mitro, Kristi Calvery, Tracy Brogelman, Jason Wawrzeniak