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UnCommon Barber Offers Fresh Perspective, Looks

UnCommon Barber Offers Fresh Perspective, Looks

by Kristen Hamilton From afar, Ed Bankston looks like he’s all business. He moves with a slow and deliberate precision that suggests an air of confidence. Bankston’s hands are gloved like that of a surgeon in the operating room, which is fitting given his tag name on his business card, which declares him “The UnCommon […]

‘I am the mother of 800′

Local farmer leaves corporate world, discovers love of livestock by Greg Anderson If You Go: Breakneck Acres 2743 Summit Road, Ravenna, Ohio Open on Wednesdays, 1 – 7 p.m. Owners: Ami Gignac and Tim Fox http://www.localfoodmarketplace.com/breakneck/index.html Breakneck Acres is a 35-acre self-sustainable farm in Ravenna, Ohio owned by Ami Gignac and Tim Fox. After four years […]

CrossFit in the media

Since its inception just over a decade ago, CrossFit has become both popular and controversial. The Good CrossFit tells us a lot about capitalism (The Guardian) The King of CrossFit (CBS) Is CrossFit right for you? (The Chicago Tribune) CrossFit Benefits (The Huffington Post) CrossFit and Community: An Interview with Dr. Allison Belger (Breaking Muscle) […]

Images of a WOD

Off an industrial side road in Hudson, Ohio, behind a lawnmower supply company, a dozen athletes engage in the 6 a.m. CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day) at CrossFit Cadre. Return to CrossFit: Outside the box

From average Joes to elite athletes, can anybody do CrossFit?

From average Joes to elite athletes, can anybody do CrossFit?

by Kaitlin Edgerton “I beat it. I lost 77 pounds,” said 50-year-old John Garofalo, right before he started his 8 a.m. workout at CrossFit Cadre in Hudson, Ohio. CrossFit, which has been referred to as a cult, a craze and a community, is considered a sport that anybody can do. Nearing his 50th birthday he […]

CrossFit transforms body and mind of participants

by Rebekah Morse As the number of CrossFit gyms explodes, success stories of the fitness trend abound. But it’s not just about losing weight. For these three participants, finding themselves stronger, younger and more confident is what matters. Stefanie Brown A few days after posting a picture of herself doing a handstand in a bikini […]

On Coding and Journalism

On Coding and Journalism

Many of the most interesting multimedia journalism stories were one-off projects. So what can a high school journalism program learn from them?

Hidden Design: Considering Sculpture by Smithson and Calicchia

by Anne Elizabeth Weisgerber  Can you sense the drama? Kent State University’s rolling landscape yields evidence of a star-crossed love affair. The femme fatale is Entropy – she declines into unkempt disorder day after day after quiet day, and her bridegroom is Order – the journeyman poet who commands raw material. Wait, what? Art, and […]