Carless in Kent


Being carless in Kent need not hamper one’s ability to nurture the soul with meaningful entertainment, to satisfy food cravings and stay well fed or to keep fit and have fun through recreation.  There is also a variety of transportation options for those who desire to explore further than the confines of campus and town, but prefer not to walk. 


The stories

CL - EntFor students at Kent State University walking is an option if they are looking for entertainment on campus or somewhere close by. – Read the full story by Shannon Rennaker HERE.




cl food burgerEveryone needs food.  While living carless in Kent, feeding oneself is less of a challenge than one might imagine. Whether on campus or off, there are dozens of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, burger huts and pizza joints to satisfy anyone’s appetite and cravings. – Read the full story by Cecile Avallone Hall HERE.



cl - kayakTen-page papers.  Midterm exams.  Late night cram sessions.  College students experience stressful situations and need to de-stress.  This article features opportunities to find recreation in Kent if you have no vehicle.  Read the full story by Scott Harrison HERE.



busThe slower summer student traffic causes transportation services to run less frequently attributing to inaccessibility for individuals who need access to campus. – Read the full story by Nicole Gingrich HERE.



Cecile Avallone Hall

Cecile Avallone Hall – Oak Hills High School, Oak Hills, CA

Nicole Gingrich

Nicole Gingrich – Chesapeake High School, Pasedena, MD

Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison – White Station High School, Memphis, TN

Dr. Shannon Rennaker

Dr. Shannon Rennaker – Winnetoka High School, Kansas City, MO