Meet the 2015 Fellows

Don Anderson teaches at a small public school in northwest Oregon. Besides journalism, he teaches college English, AP chemistry and forestry. He got his love of classics from Reed College, his love of science from Oregon State University and his love of teaching from George Fox University. Nine times a year, his students create a […]

The last hurrah: 35 teachers represent the last group of ASNE Kent State Fellows

Teachers from 22 states and the District of Columbia are part of the final year of the Reynolds High School Journalism Institute at Kent State University, a tradition that started in 2001. Although funders changed over the years, content became more digital and this year’s event hosts the teachers on campus for one week instead […]


UnCommon Barber Offers Fresh Perspective, Looks

UnCommon Barber Offers Fresh Perspective, Looks

by Kristen Hamilton From afar, Ed Bankston looks like he’s all business. He moves with a slow and deliberate precision that suggests an air of confidence. Bankston’s hands are gloved like that of a surgeon in the operating room, which is fitting given his tag name on his business card, which declares him “The UnCommon […]

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A new view: Digital conversion presents new opportunities for “classic” media

by Niki Hively The drive-in theater: an icon of an era gone by, the setting of blossoming teen romance and community fellowship and the source motivation behind applying a fresh coat of wax to beloved vehicles headed out for date night. In 2012, the film industry ended the era of film production and forced theaters […]